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Transform Your Wedding Venue with Fairy Lights

Lighting has a massive effect on the atmosphere of a wedding venue, with fairy lights a popular addition to any wedding, regardless of the style or theme. They create a warm, sparkling ambiance, are perfect for accessorising venues with high ceilings and beautiful beams, and, of course, they look stunning in the all-important wedding photos.

The gentle glow of these twinkly lights adds warmth, class and elegance to a venue. Plus a little glitter and sparkle of course.

Here are some inventive ways you can use fairy lights to decorate your wedding venue.

Create a Starry Sky Effect

Marquees can be stark and boxy. However, most have a central ceiling point from which you can hang strings of lights, creating a canopy tent that transforms your ceiling into a starry sky.

Photo Booth Lights

Photo booths are hot property at wedding venues. Why not make yours stand out with a stunning fairy light backdrop, so you and guests sparkle in the photos.

Make a Special Backdrop with Fairy Light Curtains

Fairy light curtains are the perfect way to highlight special locations in your wedding venue. Whether it’s the backdrop for the main ceremony, behind the top table at the wedding banquet, or next to the wedding cake, a fairy light curtain will ensure you stand out where it matters.

Highlight the Path to the Venue

You don’t need to restrict your fairy lights to the interior either. Outside, you can wrap them around trees, use them to create a pathway to guide guests, or drape them over a gazebo as an idyllic setting for your wedding photos.

If you want to transform your wedding venue with fairy lights, contact Creative Cover Hire. With over 10 years’ experience in transforming wedding venues, we can create the perfect fairy-lit backdrop to your big day.

Table Décor Ideas to Impress your Guests

Every detail counts on your big day and table décor is no exception to this rule, if anything it is one of the most integral parts in creating the right atmosphere. Summer weddings have arguably the most choice when it comes to wedding décor; the multitude of colours and floral arrangements available, often the problem becomes what to pick.

It’s often the small details that people remember the most which means you don’t always have to go above and beyond creating large elaborate décor. Simple effects such as personalised table favours or table runners with the happy couple’s initials printed or embroidered on them. This will create a simplistic but elegant feel without having to do too much.

Weddings have traditionally always been white but often it can be difficult to ensure everything is matching; one off white colour against a pure white can look dirty and ruin your entire aesthetic. Instead, why not try a non-white tablecloth such as a deep purple or blue and match some metallic silvers with it. Not only will this give your table décor a modern twist, it also means that any marks or imperfections won’t be seen as easily as on a white cloth.

If however you are a lover of the classic white wedding, why not couple all white table décor with colourful centrepieces in your chosen accent colour. Not only will they catch everyone’s eye but they will accentuate how beautiful and pristine the rest of your white décor is.

When on a budget finding the right flowers can be difficult but one of the perks of having a summer wedding is that so many beautiful flowers are in season which means they aren’t as expensive. If however your budget still can’t stretch to accommodate all the flowers you want, you might want to ask your florist about more natural wild growing summer flowers. These types of flowers can be found anywhere and when properly arranged can give your wedding a more urban and almost fairy-tale like feel.

If you have opted in for an outdoor wedding, why not capitalise of the beautifully natural surroundings and make that your décor. This means your tables only need small centrepieces to draw more attention to the beautiful outdoor scenery. A number of simple and elegant chiavari chairs can really set the scene. As an example you could also use the natural growing flowers found in your outdoor venue to create small floral arrangements.

Creative Cover Hire can help transform your upcoming Wedding or Event into a stunning festive occasion. Contact us today on 01772 614461 for more inspiration and to bring your ideas to life.

Quick Guide to Affordable Wedding Décor

Everyone wants a dream wedding but when you’re on a budget, perfecting every aspect of this dream can be tricky. People often think that the key to a good wedding is money and the more you spend the better it will be. However, this isn’t always the case and in the past few years brides on a budget have been designing and making their own decorations. Wedding décor is undoubtedly the most subtle and yet the most dominantly eye catching part of any venue and by being a little creative you can easily create your fairy tale wedding.

If you’re going for a more rustic themed wedding it is important that you take advantage of the space you have in your venue. For example if the room has pillars or low hanging beams you might want to consider combining fairy lights and greenery to wrap around them. This will create a beautifully ethereal woodland look that will just look magical as the night goes on. Additionally, one of the biggest trends of this year is to use naturally picked wild flowers for your centrepieces; it is not only incredibly beautiful but it will cost you next to nothing.

When working with a venue with a high ceiling you can often struggle to create a warm and intimate atmosphere without spending large amounts of money on fabric to be draped from the walls. A quick and easy way around this is to use light and hanging decorations throughout the room to match with your chosen theme and colours. Wooden wreaths and hanging lanterns are perfect for creating the right depth and magic that all weddings need.

Sometimes affording the venue alone can be difficult but equally if you choose the right venue, you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on décor. Venues with character such as barns or old stone buildings often only need very minor additions such as bunting, fairy lights or flowers.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can ensure that you have both a beautiful and affordable wedding day. For more advice and help to bring your wedding venue to life contact Creative Cover Hire today on 01772 614461 or drop us a quick email on or through our contact form.

Room Draping

Whether it be a wedding, birthday or other kind of special occasion, you cannot deny that the most eye catching feature of any venue is the draping. It is so simple and yet so effective in transforming any venue into a beautiful and elegant setting for any event. Despite peoples best efforts to create this look themselves it can often take a lot of time and money with the end result being somewhat disappointing. This is why so many look to Bespoke Venue Dressers who are experts in room draping.

You may think it wise to try your hand at Venue dressing but unless you have the time and energy to invest into doing so you will struggle. The cost alone can be enough to put you off but you will find that one of the most cost effective ways of transforming a room is using a bespoke venue dresser to create magnificent draping and textile effects. These specialists in draping techniques and fabric coordination will apply their expertise to your venue, deciding on the appropriate draping. Whether it requires draped doorways/entrances, full wall draping or ceiling swagging they will perfect every fabric detail. The venue can often vary with it sometimes consisting simply of indoor event rooms or perhaps outdoor marquees, whatever the setting bespoke venue dressers are on hand to create a luxurious aesthetically pleasing space.

Whilst you may struggle to arrange your drapes perfectly and crease free, Bespoke dressers also ensure that all of their drapes are professionally steamed on installation, allowing a beautiful seamless finish. Regardless of the venues décor or style, the draping will conceal all to create a clean and contemporary look. Lighting can also then be added if you wish to compliment the wall draping and create a beautiful ethereal feel. Twinkling lights can also be arranged within ceiling drapes which are a beautiful addition to any room. With a range of materials and styles available, the perfect canopy and ceiling drapes can be created for you by any Bespoke venue dressers. Don’t endure the hassle of venue dressing when you have the perfect solution right at your finger tops.

Dress to Impress!

No matter what the special day is, whether it’s a birthday, christening or your all important wedding day, you know that you must aim to impress and leave your guests having the best experience they could, along with being speechless and surprised at how perfect the day has been. There’s a few ways to achieve that, including wearing a gorgeous dress and look smart in a tux, but what mustn’t be forgotten is the venue or venues themselves.

Dressing the venue can do many different things and take many forms and it all depends on the venue you have, coupled with what you want. You can dress the venue to enhance an already beautiful room or building by highlighting significant features or dressing the room to add the final touches.

The other option is to completely transform a room into a venue. If this is for you, as long as the size of the room is right, the rest is a blank canvas – we can turn the space into that elegant place in your dreams and we work with you every step of the way so dress your room with our stunning drapes, chair covers, centre pieces, backdrops and many more to transform your room into a venue.

We strongly believe that consistency is the perfect event. We have experienced designers to help you achieve exactly what you want. Our team can take your colours and theme into account and reflect it consistently throughout your event for a breathtaking and visually exciting atmosphere. This also applied to corporate branding at corporate events. We understand the importance of theme consistency to reinforce your brand and will work to achieve that at all times.

There’s no event too big or small, if it’s a small gathering for a lower key event or a corporate event for thousands of guest, we can deliver and offer our experienced and creative ideas along the way.

From start to finish, it’s dress to impress.

Wedding Fairy Lights: Put Some Sparkle into Your Wedding

Fairy lit wedding backdrops are a great way to spice up your wedding setting and add some extra sparkle. Here’s a few reasons to consider using for them for your wedding:

Focal Point
The backdrop is the focal point of your wedding, and one of its most important features. Sofairy-lights-wedding-backdrop you don’t want it to be lacking in anything. The use of fairy lights is one sure-fire way to make sure your guests are suitably impressed. They help to liven things up and provide a beautiful backdrop.

Simple Yet Effective
Some people have been known to go a little over the top when planning their wedding. And that’s not surprising. The desire to make sure everything’s perfect can sometimes lead you to do too much. But fairy lights are a simple yet effective way to achieve the perfect surroundings. You’ll create a great setting, without going too far.

A lot of weddings tend to have similar decorations. But with fairy lights, you can create a wedding setting which is different from the rest, making it that extra bit special. Your wedding will not only be beautiful, but will have your own individual stamp on it.

Lighting is great for creating mood. And fairy lights provide a variety of different ways to do so. They can be very bright, twinkling or made to match the rest of the wedding theme. Whatever mood you are looking to create at your wedding, fairy lights are excellent tools for helping to achieve it.

Wedding fairy lights can provide the final touch to a perfect wedding setting. They are a simple yet effective way to set the mood and add a touch of character to your wedding. And they provide a beautiful focal point when used in a wedding backdrop.

The Nightmare before Christmas work party!

The increasing pressure each year for companies big or small to pull off the party of the year that employees of all ages can enjoy is becoming somewhat of a nightmare. With party expectations over the last few years soaring to celebrity standards, those in charge of creating this night to remember are becoming more stressed than is acceptable during the festive season.

However, a new trend is emerging for companies of all sizes as a solution to turn this nightmare before Christmas into a winter wonderland. Bespoke venue dressers are now frequently used by companies of all sizes wanting to create a custom tailored night that their employees won’t forget. These days it’s all about dazzling people when they walk into a room with beautiful furnishings, elegant table dressings, stunning ceiling drapes, chair covers and pristine linen all of which is tailor made – and that is just the beginning of the options available! Venue dressing is always the aspect of the evening that is completely forgotten whether it be for a wedding, a small party or a corporate event but is always subtly noticeable. Without a sophisticated and professionally decorated venue, the food, drinks and DJ all count for nothing when trying to impress your colleagues.

With the help of a professionally trained design specialist you can create a lasting impression on your guests as they help bring your ideas to life. There are a vast array of themes or colour schemes to choose from if you wanted to stick to company colours, create your own or even create a themed evening such as Santa’s grotto or a black tie event. No venue is complete without the magical and unique finishing touches that only a bespoke venue dresser could create.

Venue Styling Trends in Yorkshire

Cadbury purple sateen hooded bows
Cadbury purple sateen hooded bows
soft laced top table drape
soft laced top table drape
2015 colour combinations
2015 colour combinations
The main thing to keep in your mind when thinking about your venue is how your going to dress it and how you want the first impression to look to your guests.

Venue dressing is one of the most commonly discussed subjects when entering your venue, second to your dress of course!

What look are you going for?…Is it chabby chic, diamante bling, or maybe soft textures…the overall look all has a part to play on giving your guests the impression that you intended for.

Some brides find choosing your colour scheme easy however other’s like me just love bright colours and would struggle to dwindle it down to one choice! Pink is said to represent unconditional love and understanding, whilst purple is a passionate colour, signifying devotion and luxury.

You may also find it easier to look at seasonal colours, for example a spring wedding may see a lot of pinks, purples and navy blues, light blue tones and greens, whereas greens, reds, burgandy’s and golds would be more suited to an Autumn wedding, these mixed with cream tones and browns make for a very classical overall look.

At the moment the biggest look is using many tones of the same colour, however the colours for 2015 seem to be looking very vibrant with some stunning colour combinations being used!

We did a recent wedding at The Coniston Hotel which was all about soft lace textures! We did a soft lace top table drape, with a magical fairy lit backdrop and chair covers with soft lace ivory sashes and a pearl broach. Teamed with soft pink and ivory flowers the end result looked exquisit!

Look out for our upcoming blog on our latest weddings including images of our nude sateen hooded bows at Rudding Park Hotel!

The Creative Team

Living in a Winter Wonderland!

It’s coming to that time of year everyone it’s 74 days till Christmas! Hope you’re all as excited as we are here at Creative HQ!

Civil Ceremony at Farington Lodge with Registrar Drape, Aisle Carpet & Fairyit Backdrop - Deep Red Deluxe

Why not have a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme with ivory/white touches, such as delicate petals and lace?

ailse carpet petals wrap tie drapes red christmas wedding venue dressing farrington

Eaves Hall Ballroom Chandelier Drapes christmas xmas

Our Chandelier and Ceiling Drapes add a magical and luxurious feel. You could even add fairy lights to add a pretty sparkle! Our drapes create a soft romantic atmosphere, perfect for your special day!

lycra lame silver snow rain december weddingshoughton wedding breakfast red green christmas december wedding

Our lanterns will enhance the room, adding ambience with the subtle flame inside; giving the room warmth! Red Slip cloths can also enhance the warm Christmassy feeling.

Windsor Suite Lanterns candels tealights ribbon bartle hall atmosphere

Nothing can create an impact as much as our Fairy Lit Backdrop. It can change a room’s dynamics completely adding effortless class, fitting in with the theme, looking like snow!

Clifton Arms Ivory Sateen with Fairylit Backdrop top table ivory white voile red chrismas partymitton hall drapes ceiling

double sash lace bow christmas feel hire chairs in venue dressing beautiful christmas tree christmas wedding centrepieces red white jewels pretty Having a ‘Winter Wonderland’ theme can be lots of fun, why not bring in gingerbread houses, roasted chestnuts and wild festive foliage?

Add A Little Tartan

Here at Creative the team have been working with our latest frenzy, Tartan. We have worked with Tartan before using it within corporate events and parties however it seems to be making an appearance on the wedding scene.

Chair Covers Red Tartan Sashes Table runners Weddings

With Tartan’s ranging through colour and style here at Creative we have to specific Tartans that we work with.

tartan 3


We are working tirelessly to come up with new ideas and textures for our wedding collection and already the Tartan has been very popular. Tartan is usually used to represent heritage and culture however more and more it is apparent that people are choosing the fabric through choice with no family history within the tartan.

Chair Covers Red Tartan Sashes Table runners Weddings

Using double Tartan sashes here we have created a hood with pear cluster detailing.

Chair Covers Red Tartan Sashes Table runners Weddings

Here we have used Tartan within the chair sashes but also with table runners to add a little more colour. It highlights the center piece and again just adds a touch more of the tartan so it doesn’t get lost within the room.

Chair Covers Red Tartan Sashes Table runners Weddings

Team Creative are ready and waiting to transform your wedding and ensure your venue looks as stunning as possible!!