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Cheap Chair Covers

Cheap Chair Covers

If you are looking for a really cost effective alternative for your wedding or event than why not let us supply our quality cheap chair covers? Actually, to be more specific the only thing about these covers that is cheap is the price, as they are all quality covers created especially for Creative Cover Hire and have our quality guarantee backing.

j4We’ve been supplying chair covers for over 30 years and have helped to create memorable wedding and corporate events over that period. Not every event or venue needs, or can afford, the most luxurious chair covers and demand from past clients has led us to develop our own quality range of cheap chair covers to satisfy this demand.

What we do is instead of attending your wedding and/or event ourselves, as we would with our standard wedding chair cover or event chair cover hire, we simply send you the covers and let you dress the event yourself in whatever style you need.

To take advantage of our DIY chair cover hire all you need to do is call us or email with the following details:

• Size of the chairs
• Date of the event
• What colour you want the covers to be

We can provide a massive range of covers, pretty much anything that you need to match the event you are having. Standard colours are ready to hire immediately however more ‘customised’ covers with different or unique colours can also be available if we are given enough notice.

We also stock all the accessories you might need; from bows and sashes to the table decorations and we can easily supply these at the same time for you.

j1So why should you choose to hire your cheap chair covers from Creative Cover Hire? Well, we’re a long established family firm who have been in the business for over 30 years. We’ve catered for hundreds of weddings and corporate events over the years and are fully familiar with what it takes to dress a venue for that special day. We can offer you free advice on the phone about what would be best for your venue and we can advise on complementary colours schemes. We’re also really nice people to deal with and as you can see from our website we’re an established business with a good reputation.

If you’ve arrived at this page because you typed in cheap chair covers we understand that it’s probably because you are on a budget, not that you want something flimsy that will fall apart as guests sit on them. Our name and reputation goes out with every order we fulfil so for cheap chair covers don’t take any chances, call Creative Cover Hire today on 01772 614461