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Three Ways to Add Life to Your Wedding Venue

There’s a lot to consider when booking your wedding venue. Most importantly, you must think about how it will look on the big day. If your choice of venue leaves you feeling uninspired, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to add life to the venue, and create something unique and magical just for your special day.

Use Fairy Lights to Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Fairy lights are a popular choice with couples that want a modern wedding with a romantic atmosphere. They provide a similar effect to lots of candles, but without the health and safety complications. A backdrop of fairy lights is the perfect way to add life to blank, uninspiring walls; they also fit with the majority of themes and colour schemes. Fairy lights are an affordable solution to complement even the most simple of weddings.

Use Your Own Chair Covers and Sashes

Many venues provide chair covers as part of the wedding package, but these tend not to be customised according to your theme or colour scheme. Using your own chair covers and sashes is the perfect way to breathe life and colour into your ceremony and reception. You may choose from a variety of colours, materials, styles and even custom Chiavari Chairs to find something that complements the rest of your plans perfectly.

Choose a Theme

If you’re willing to go the extra mile with your wedding venue, why not choose a dedicated theme for your wedding day? You should choose something that complements your personality as a couple, which could be fun, elegant or traditional. Whatever you choose, you should dress the venue accordingly. The table accessories, wall coverings or drapes, and chair covers should all be carefully selected to make the most of your theme and wow your guests.

To arrange for your own chair covers to match your perfect theme, contact Creative Cover Hire today.

5 Reasons to Consider a Winter Wedding

Traditionally, weddings in the UK take place during the summertime, but the number of winter weddings is rising. Whilst the idea may seem strange to some, there are lots of reasons to consider a winter wedding. Here are five to get you started:
1. Stop Worrying About the Weather
Unless you’re intending to get married in the Mediterranean, a summer wedding can’t guarantee good weather. You might be dreaming of glorious sunshine, but in reality summer weather is the most unpredictable. When you get married in winter, it’s going to be cold, so you can plan outfits and indoor photos accordingly.
2. Significantly Reduce Your Budget
The demand for summer weddings is extremely high, and prices reflect this. Everything from the venue to the caterer and photographer will be significantly more expensive in the summer, and competition for the most popular vendors will be high – so it’s not always possible to get your first choice.
3. Indulge in Winter Comfort Food
When you get married in winter, you can enjoy traditional, hearty British comfort food. There’s plenty to choose from, such as warming stews or bangers and mash. If you opt for a Christmas wedding, make use of seasonal favourites, like mince pies and mulled wine.
4. Stand Out with a Seasonal Theme
Holding a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to stand out and plan something different to the rest of your friends and family. Winter weddings are incredibly romantic – why not use candlelight or fairy lights to create a cosy and magical atmosphere? If you choose a date close to Christmas, your venue is also likely to be decorated for the holiday season, which can reduce your costs even further.
5. Enjoy a Tropical Honeymoon
Winter weddings also provide you with the chance to escape for a tropical honeymoon, avoiding the hurricane season, which typically runs from June to November.
To find out more about planning a winter wedding theme, contact Creative Cover Hire today.