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Room Draping

Whether it be a wedding, birthday or other kind of special occasion, you cannot deny that the most eye catching feature of any venue is the draping. It is so simple and yet so effective in transforming any venue into a beautiful and elegant setting for any event. Despite peoples best efforts to create this look themselves it can often take a lot of time and money with the end result being somewhat disappointing. This is why so many look to Bespoke Venue Dressers who are experts in room draping.

You may think it wise to try your hand at Venue dressing but unless you have the time and energy to invest into doing so you will struggle. The cost alone can be enough to put you off but you will find that one of the most cost effective ways of transforming a room is using a bespoke venue dresser to create magnificent draping and textile effects. These specialists in draping techniques and fabric coordination will apply their expertise to your venue, deciding on the appropriate draping. Whether it requires draped doorways/entrances, full wall draping or ceiling swagging they will perfect every fabric detail. The venue can often vary with it sometimes consisting simply of indoor event rooms or perhaps outdoor marquees, whatever the setting bespoke venue dressers are on hand to create a luxurious aesthetically pleasing space.

Whilst you may struggle to arrange your drapes perfectly and crease free, Bespoke dressers also ensure that all of their drapes are professionally steamed on installation, allowing a beautiful seamless finish. Regardless of the venues décor or style, the draping will conceal all to create a clean and contemporary look. Lighting can also then be added if you wish to compliment the wall draping and create a beautiful ethereal feel. Twinkling lights can also be arranged within ceiling drapes which are a beautiful addition to any room. With a range of materials and styles available, the perfect canopy and ceiling drapes can be created for you by any Bespoke venue dressers. Don’t endure the hassle of venue dressing when you have the perfect solution right at your finger tops.