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Top Wedding Trends of 2016

2016 is already the year of unique weddings but undoubtedly there are a couple of key trends already dominating social media starting with the ‘au natural’ theme. Brides are more frequently returning to the beauty of nature with more extravagant floral arrangements dominating the décor in their venues which are increasingly moving outdoors. Couples now look more for in season and local flowers to create an ethereal and ‘wild’ aesthetic. Green table runners and wedding arches are definitely the way to go this year.

Vintage themes are one of the most popular themes every year and 2016 seems to be no different. With Metallic colours being big this year coupling this with vintage style pearls, sequins and lace will create the perfect look. Metallic and sequin colours look timeless in every aspect of your big day whether it be dashes of gold on your desserts, hints of gold within your bridesmaid’s dresses or bronzed additions to your floral arrangements.

For a more relaxed vibe, bohemian themed weddings might be the way to go. Instead of the classic tables and chairs spread across the room you may way to opt in for a cocktail lounge feel with comfortable seating closer together to make it more intimate. The use of boho flowers and ribbon are also great ways to express your own style and who you are as a couple.

Movie themed weddings have always been popular, especially in the last few years with the stunning wedding set up seen in the Twilight movies. The woodland ceremony surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and white décor contrasting against the dark greens and browns creates a fairy tale like setting.

Pastel colours are also making a return in 2016 with pantone the renowned authority of colour revealing that the combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity are the colours of 2016. Pastel colours always look beautiful against pure white at weddings. You may want to consider using an array of pastel colours for the bridesmaid’s dresses and matching bouquets. They also make an excellent choice for table dressing and chair covers to complete your theme.

Transform Your Wedding Venue with Fairy Lights

Lighting has a massive effect on the atmosphere of a wedding venue, with fairy lights a popular addition to any wedding, regardless of the style or theme. They create a warm, sparkling ambiance, are perfect for accessorising venues with high ceilings and beautiful beams, and, of course, they look stunning in the all-important wedding photos.

The gentle glow of these twinkly lights adds warmth, class and elegance to a venue. Plus a little glitter and sparkle of course.

Here are some inventive ways you can use fairy lights to decorate your wedding venue.

Create a Starry Sky Effect

Marquees can be stark and boxy. However, most have a central ceiling point from which you can hang strings of lights, creating a canopy tent that transforms your ceiling into a starry sky.

Photo Booth Lights

Photo booths are hot property at wedding venues. Why not make yours stand out with a stunning fairy light backdrop, so you and guests sparkle in the photos.

Make a Special Backdrop with Fairy Light Curtains

Fairy light curtains are the perfect way to highlight special locations in your wedding venue. Whether it’s the backdrop for the main ceremony, behind the top table at the wedding banquet, or next to the wedding cake, a fairy light curtain will ensure you stand out where it matters.

Highlight the Path to the Venue

You don’t need to restrict your fairy lights to the interior either. Outside, you can wrap them around trees, use them to create a pathway to guide guests, or drape them over a gazebo as an idyllic setting for your wedding photos.

If you want to transform your wedding venue with fairy lights, contact Creative Cover Hire. With over 10 years’ experience in transforming wedding venues, we can create the perfect fairy-lit backdrop to your big day.

Table Décor Ideas to Impress your Guests

Every detail counts on your big day and table décor is no exception to this rule, if anything it is one of the most integral parts in creating the right atmosphere. Summer weddings have arguably the most choice when it comes to wedding décor; the multitude of colours and floral arrangements available, often the problem becomes what to pick.

It’s often the small details that people remember the most which means you don’t always have to go above and beyond creating large elaborate décor. Simple effects such as personalised table favours or table runners with the happy couple’s initials printed or embroidered on them. This will create a simplistic but elegant feel without having to do too much.

Weddings have traditionally always been white but often it can be difficult to ensure everything is matching; one off white colour against a pure white can look dirty and ruin your entire aesthetic. Instead, why not try a non-white tablecloth such as a deep purple or blue and match some metallic silvers with it. Not only will this give your table décor a modern twist, it also means that any marks or imperfections won’t be seen as easily as on a white cloth.

If however you are a lover of the classic white wedding, why not couple all white table décor with colourful centrepieces in your chosen accent colour. Not only will they catch everyone’s eye but they will accentuate how beautiful and pristine the rest of your white décor is.

When on a budget finding the right flowers can be difficult but one of the perks of having a summer wedding is that so many beautiful flowers are in season which means they aren’t as expensive. If however your budget still can’t stretch to accommodate all the flowers you want, you might want to ask your florist about more natural wild growing summer flowers. These types of flowers can be found anywhere and when properly arranged can give your wedding a more urban and almost fairy-tale like feel.

If you have opted in for an outdoor wedding, why not capitalise of the beautifully natural surroundings and make that your décor. This means your tables only need small centrepieces to draw more attention to the beautiful outdoor scenery. A number of simple and elegant chiavari chairs can really set the scene. As an example you could also use the natural growing flowers found in your outdoor venue to create small floral arrangements.

Creative Cover Hire can help transform your upcoming Wedding or Event into a stunning festive occasion. Contact us today on 01772 614461 for more inspiration and to bring your ideas to life.

Picking the right Chairs for your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding venue, often you’ll find that the chairs they may already provide don’t quite fit in with your décor. As a result, couples increasingly choose to rent chairs for their ceremony and reception but this can often be a little overwhelming. There are so many options when it comes to choosing the perfect chair style to suit your weddings aesthetic.

One of the most popular choices is the Chiavari Chair; a classic style of chair available in a variety of colours. It is a chair that works in both formal and casual settings whether it be a large banquet hall or a garden party, the Chiavari chair is elegant and extremely versatile.

A more recent popular choice of this year has been the ghost chair for a more futuristic and sophisticated vibe. This modern acrylic and completely transparent chair is the perfect choice for a sophisticated look at both your ceremony and reception.

Folding Chairs are arguably the most versatile option if you are on a budget and want your guests to use the same chairs at the ceremony and reception. Usually this type of chair is available in shades of white as well as different variations of wood stains and will often come with padded seating. It is a simple and clean option for any wedding.

No rustic themed wedding would be complete without a classic cross backed chair; famous for its elegant farm house aesthetic with is cross shaped back and curves. It is a chair that brings a beautifully timeless feel to any venue.

Although many think the French Slotted Chair can be a little basic and too casual for a wedding setting it is an extremely versatile and elegant choice. It can look great in both indoor and outdoor settings and can easily be decorated with floral arrangements, ribbons or anything you like.

Another French inspired choice is the Versailles Chair which with is a perfect choice for any formal or traditionally styled wedding. Often these chairs are available in most neutral colours such as black and white as well as gilded gold.

And don’t forget the most important part of any wedding chair: the decoration! Wedding chair covers can really bring a room to life with simple and elegant designs. Contact us at Creative Cover Hire to discuss the perfect chair and cover combo to compliment your wedding!

Quick Guide to Affordable Wedding Décor

Everyone wants a dream wedding but when you’re on a budget, perfecting every aspect of this dream can be tricky. People often think that the key to a good wedding is money and the more you spend the better it will be. However, this isn’t always the case and in the past few years brides on a budget have been designing and making their own decorations. Wedding décor is undoubtedly the most subtle and yet the most dominantly eye catching part of any venue and by being a little creative you can easily create your fairy tale wedding.

If you’re going for a more rustic themed wedding it is important that you take advantage of the space you have in your venue. For example if the room has pillars or low hanging beams you might want to consider combining fairy lights and greenery to wrap around them. This will create a beautifully ethereal woodland look that will just look magical as the night goes on. Additionally, one of the biggest trends of this year is to use naturally picked wild flowers for your centrepieces; it is not only incredibly beautiful but it will cost you next to nothing.

When working with a venue with a high ceiling you can often struggle to create a warm and intimate atmosphere without spending large amounts of money on fabric to be draped from the walls. A quick and easy way around this is to use light and hanging decorations throughout the room to match with your chosen theme and colours. Wooden wreaths and hanging lanterns are perfect for creating the right depth and magic that all weddings need.

Sometimes affording the venue alone can be difficult but equally if you choose the right venue, you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on décor. Venues with character such as barns or old stone buildings often only need very minor additions such as bunting, fairy lights or flowers.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can ensure that you have both a beautiful and affordable wedding day. For more advice and help to bring your wedding venue to life contact Creative Cover Hire today on 01772 614461 or drop us a quick email on or through our contact form.

Inspirational Wedding Ideas for 2016

Without question 2015 was the year of Pinterest inspired weddings and royal wedding remakes. Now we’re in 2016, brides are looking for something a little more unique to showcase to the world who they are. Couples are looking for a wedding that their guests will not only enjoy but will remember for years to come. So, here are a few themes which are must haves for this year:

Metallics have become an increasingly popular choice depending on where your wedding is, using metallic elements can look very natural, elegant or even playful. There are so many possibilities whether you want to add a golden touch to your black tie wedding or create a rustic feel with beautiful copper lanterns. You may even want to give your food a little dust of glitter or create metallic inspired cocktails.

Places that are close to the couple’s hearts have also become an interesting and unique theme for weddings. Couples want to share their special moments and places with their friends and family whether it be where they met, where they got engaged or just somewhere they both adore. If the couple for example got engaged in Italy they may want to structure the theme around the country, from décor to food. Italian music could be playing in the venue whilst traditional Italian dishes are served to guests. Whatever you loved the most about that special place you can bring to life in your wedding.

At every wedding, romance is undoubtedly in the air but to really set the mood couples are looking to soft glow lighting. Wedding lights are the perfect way create a special and intimate venue for you and your guests to enjoy. Often coupling draped material from the ceiling and fairy lights will make large rooms seem cosier and more ethereal. Another and perhaps less costly  way of doing this is by decorating your venue with candles as opposed to any synthetic lighting for a naturally romantic glow.

Finally, despite for years the classic wedding reception layout being large circular tables throughout the room, couples are now taking a different approach. Spreading everyone out across the room on these large tables seems so impersonal so instead people are opting in for long banquet tables or square tables to create a more unique and intimate aesthetic. Some even think that dining tables at venues are a little outdated and too formal so instead are using the space to create a more relaxed cocktail lounge vibe with comfortable seating.

The Best Wedding Flowers for 2016

When planning a wedding every detail is important but none more so than your flowers. Picking the right floral arrangement is crucial for your big day. Not only do flowers act as centre pieces on your guests tables, they decorate your venue and most importantly, they are carried by not only the bride but her maids of honour. The floral arrangements you choose will be seen by everyone throughout the day so it is imperative that you get the right mix of simplicity and style.

One of the biggest floral trends of 2016 already is undoubtedly the ‘fresh and wild’ aesthetic. Couples are looking for the best arrangements of local and in season flowers to give their wedding a unique and natural vibe. These freshly picked free form bouquets look beautifully elegant as centrepieces and venue decorations. The uniqueness of each bouquet for each table really stands out to guests and will be something they won’t soon forget.

Tonal explosions are also a timeless classic which are really on trend this year. By using a variety of tones of the same colour, your centre pieces will really stand out. The flowers can be a mixture picked out by your florist or the same, but creating this ombré effect will instantly catch the attention of your guests. This effect usually works best with reds and pinks as there is such a vivid spectrum of colour.

Sometimes the beauty of the flowers alone isn’t enough to catch the attention of your guests so you might want to try infusing your floral arrangements. Asking your florist to include hints of mint, basil, cocoa beans or anything that suits your venues theme will ensure your special day is remembered forever. Anytime your guests smell the sweet aroma your arrangements were infused with, they will be taken back to memories of that day.

Alternatively, some couples are opting out of using flowers altogether and are looking for slightly more cost effective options. Branches with newly blooming flowers such as cherry blossoms or pussy willows make beautifully simplistic yet elegant centre pieces as well as perhaps hand decorated branches with jewels or handmade flowers. Even using plants and leaves can become focal points of your weddings décor if dressed correctly.

Floral arrangement ideas can often become overwhelming and you know that they all would look beautiful so you just can’t decide. In this instance you may want to consider using them all. Not all of your tables need to look the same and can be uniquely beautiful in their own way. Mix and matching everything until you’re happy is definitely one of the best floral trends of this year.

At Creative Cover Hire we can help with all aspects of venue dressing. Call us no on on 01772 614461/622323 or email

How to Dress Chiavari Chairs for your Wedding

Chiavari Chairs were originally designed in Italy by a cabinet maker and have become increasingly popular because of their simple yet beautiful aesthetic. These kind of chairs look perfect in modern, traditional and contemporary wedding venues. With all of their horizontal and vertical lines within the design there are lots of different ways to dress up the chair. You can choose to dress them up or down with fabric, sashes & bows, cushions or anything you can think of. The flexibility gives you the opportunity to create chairs which reflect your wedding and enhance the atmosphere.

You could add a seat cushions to the chiavari chairs or change it if it already has one. Consider the different materials and colours you could use for your cushions. Your guests are going to be sitting on them for the majority of your wedding so you need to make sure they are comfortable. Silk might be too soft and cause your guests to keep falling off and polyester blends might irate their skin so it is important to consider. The colour you use might be too distracting if it does not match the rest of your venue and draw away from your décor. Equally if you have an off white colour and the rest of your venue is pure white it may cause the cushions to look dirty.

Tying a bow around the back of the chair is a classic choice for decorating chairs and is a much cheaper option than renting chair covers. Ribbon often doesn’t cost that much and can be tied or draped around the chair. People tend to use their accent colour for ribbons in either one or more shade. You can also create a chair cover like effect with ribbon by draping a knot of satin fabric around the down the back of the chair.

Fastening flowers or branches to the chair can also create a beautiful effect. Depending on what time of year it is you can match your flowers to the season. Winter Weddings are the perfect time for White Roses, Pussy Willows and Red berries whereas with Summer Weddings you can use bright flowers such as Daisy, Lavender and Dahlias.

Creative Cover can help supply and dress your dream Chiavari wedding chairs. Contact us now on 01772 614461 or use our contact form to discuss your dream wedding chair dressing today!

Ways to save money on your Wedding Venue Dressing

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest and most stressful days of your life. Whilst it’s meant to be all about the ceremony, the real fun begins at the reception. The happy couple can finally relax at this point in their special day but in terms of planning it couldn’t be less stressful. The problem most couples face is sticking to their original budget but luckily, there are a number of inspirational ways to save money whilst still having an elegant and beautiful wedding.

  • The first tip is using white Christmas lights; most people use these types of lights all year round to add a little sparkle to their homes. Equally, these kind of lights can look beautiful as an addition to your reception venue. You can be as creative as you want, hanging them from the ceiling, the doorways, around the tables and even in glass jars.
  • Chair covers provide any reception with a beautiful and elegant look as soon as you walk in but can be extremely expensive depending on how many guests you have. A less costly alternative can be to purchase ribbon in your accent colours and tie them around your chairs. Ribbon is a lot cheaper than chair covers and with provide the room with a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Centrepieces can also be costly to your wedding reception depending on how many tables you have. You might want to consider using feathers to create your own unique centrepieces. They are easy and cheap to buy from any craft store and can be used to create anything you want, from wreaths to using them as foliage in flowers.
  • Food can sometimes be a good way of decorating parts of your venue. Consider jars of sweets and chocolate on your tables as a treat for your guests or to give a festive feel.

Whatever options you choose, Creative Cover can help make the finishing touches to your wedding venue dressing. Call us today on 01772 614461 or use our contact form to discuss plans for your dream wedding.

Everything you need to consider when decorating your Wedding Venue

Wedding decorations often get overlooked because you’re too busy worrying about which table each of your guests will sit on when equally you should be thinking about how these tables you’re organising will look. There is a lot more to wedding décor than just flowers and balloons, so here is a list of decorations you might not have considered.

With indoor venue weddings, most people assume that there will be lighting readily available and don’t think to check how it will look in the evening as usually they visit in the daytime. Atmospheric lighting is not to be overlooked if you want your wedding to have a romantic and ethereal glow. Just using the unflattering ceiling lights of the venue will ruin the atmosphere you are trying to create so it is worth looking into fairy lights, candles and lamps which can provide you with the right aesthetic.

The chairs are another crucial element to your wedding and can quite easily ruin your wedding décor if they aren’t right. If the chairs provided by the venue aren’t quite your taste you can ask to have them removed and instead hire in your own chairs, such as the elegant Chiavari Chairs. If however this is out of your price range you can always look into wedding chair covers to hide the venues chairs under. These can be customised to suit your theme and will provide your wedding with a luxurious and elegant look.

If you are avoiding using the harsh overhead lighting you may want to think about decorating the ceiling. Depending on your weddings theme there are a variety of decorations you can add such as flower arrangements or canopied devised of branches if you are going for a more natural look. Alternatively you could use draped fabric across the ceiling, to which other décor such as chandeliers or lanterns could be added to.

A final aspect of wedding décor that goes completely unnoticed is based on where guests spend the most of the night; the bar! Generally the bar area at your venue can look a bit empty and you may want to consider adding some small décor that will compliment your theme without disturbing the bar staff. Flowers and garlands to match your theme will work nicely but also consider having something a little fun and interesting such as a picture booth or a music box for your guests to enjoy.