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How to Choose the Perfect Venue Dressing For Your Wedding

The perfect venue dressing for your wedding adds that special personal touch to your big day. Not only will the perfect venue dressing successfully project you and your partner’s personalities – it’ll create a charming atmosphere for your guests. Here’s a few tips for choosing the perfect dressing for your wedding…

Getting the atmosphere right

Of course, your wedding day is primarily about you and your partner. However, it’s a good idea to create an ambient atmosphere when choosing the perfect venue dressing for your wedding. This is because your special day is also an event where family and friends gather together to celebrate your marriage, as well as catching up with each other’s busy lives. Fairy lights are a beautiful way to add a gorgeous atmosphere to your venue – as they’re not too bright and they tend to contribute a beautiful sparkle to the venue. There are so many combinations in which you can hang fairy lights – so your venue will truly be one in a million.

Embracing Nature

Introducing fresh flowers to your wedding venue adds the magic of nature to your wedding. Matching the flowers to the seasons is a fabulous idea for dressing your wedding venue – think . You can’t go wrong with the smell of freshly cut flowers on the tables, as well as entwined around the chair covers. Speaking of chair covers, at Creative Cover Hire we offer an eclectic range of beautiful silk wedding chair covers in a rainbow of colours, complete with a choice of sashes and a choice of stunning chairs through our Chiavari Chair Hire service. We even provide bespoke packages if you’re looking for something more particular. Whatever your wedding colour scheme may be, we’ll have it ready and available for your special day!

Little Details

The little things really do count when planning the perfect venue dressing for your wedding. At the reception you may want to place little finishing touches such as painted shabby chic pine cones, incense sticks and scented candles to relax the guests (although we’re sure the wine will do an excellent job too!). For those of you looking for a quirky option – you can use plain tin cans as table vases – they’re sure to break the ice with guests.

Ready to choose the perfect venue dressing for your wedding? Visit Creative Cover Hire to get started.