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Summer Weddings

Everyone seems a lot happier when the sun comes out to play. Summer weddings are popular for a reason – there’s a much higher chance of glorious sunshine. Not only will it mean better natural light for your photos, but it means you can have an outdoor wedding!

Summer Wedding Venues

Speaking of outdoor weddings, holding your wedding in the summer opens up an array of venue options. Whether you choose peaceful woodlands, rustic farmland or even on top of a hillside – the chances of gorgeous weather are tenfold for summer weddings compared to the other seasons. This is fantastic news for adventurous, outdoorsy couples. If you’re very lucky and it’s a hot sunny day then make sure you provide heat relief, such as a gazebo, tent or air conditioning, for you and your guests – nobody wants to see the happy couple with heatstroke!

Summer Wedding Attire

When considering wedding attire for summer weddings it’s best to stick to a “chic and comfortable” approach. Fabrics such as silk and even cotton can feel nice and breezy on the skin. But if you have your heart set on a big, glamorous dress then ensure you have a second outfit ready to change into later in the day. Grooms can stay cool, comfy and dapper with a handsome linen suit. If you’re holding a beach wedding then you can go for an even more casual look – it’s entirely up to you. Encourage guests to bring sun cream and sunglasses – you want everyone to be in a fabulous mood for your big day!

Summer Catering

When organising a summer wedding it’s best to stick to lighter catering options. Heavier dishes such as roast meats and vegetables don’t fare well when eaten in the hot summer. Obviously you want your guests to feel comfortable, so good examples of food for summer weddings include tropical fruit kebabs, Mediterranean dishes, warm salads, grilled fish and chicken. Drinks that usually go down well at summer weddings include fancy frozen cocktails and extra-chilled prosecco. If you want to go down the quirky route then homemade alcoholic ice lollies will go down a treat.

Summer Decor Schemes

Summertime evokes feelings of joy and happiness – as should your wedding, regardless of the season! But for summer weddings it’s a great idea to opt for calming blues, gorgeous fuchsias, pale pinks and even monochrome black and white designs. For table decorations and invitations, stripes are a fantastic design scheme to stick with – even better if you go for a slightly nautical theme. Summer-themed flowers for summer weddings include: peonies, sweet peas and forget-me-nots are stunning choices.

At Creative Cover Hire we specialise in creating the ideal theme for your summer weddings. Our venue dressings are available in an array of summertime colours and designs. Contact us today to see how we can make your big day an incredible one!