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Ways to save money on your Wedding Venue Dressing

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest and most stressful days of your life. Whilst it’s meant to be all about the ceremony, the real fun begins at the reception. The happy couple can finally relax at this point in their special day but in terms of planning it couldn’t be less stressful. The problem most couples face is sticking to their original budget but luckily, there are a number of inspirational ways to save money whilst still having an elegant and beautiful wedding.

  • The first tip is using white Christmas lights; most people use these types of lights all year round to add a little sparkle to their homes. Equally, these kind of lights can look beautiful as an addition to your reception venue. You can be as creative as you want, hanging them from the ceiling, the doorways, around the tables and even in glass jars.
  • Chair covers provide any reception with a beautiful and elegant look as soon as you walk in but can be extremely expensive depending on how many guests you have. A less costly alternative can be to purchase ribbon in your accent colours and tie them around your chairs. Ribbon is a lot cheaper than chair covers and with provide the room with a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Centrepieces can also be costly to your wedding reception depending on how many tables you have. You might want to consider using feathers to create your own unique centrepieces. They are easy and cheap to buy from any craft store and can be used to create anything you want, from wreaths to using them as foliage in flowers.
  • Food can sometimes be a good way of decorating parts of your venue. Consider jars of sweets and chocolate on your tables as a treat for your guests or to give a festive feel.

Whatever options you choose, Creative Cover can help make the finishing touches to your wedding venue dressing. Call us today on 01772 614461 or use our contact form to discuss plans for your dream wedding.

Everything you need to consider when decorating your Wedding Venue

Wedding decorations often get overlooked because you’re too busy worrying about which table each of your guests will sit on when equally you should be thinking about how these tables you’re organising will look. There is a lot more to wedding décor than just flowers and balloons, so here is a list of decorations you might not have considered.

With indoor venue weddings, most people assume that there will be lighting readily available and don’t think to check how it will look in the evening as usually they visit in the daytime. Atmospheric lighting is not to be overlooked if you want your wedding to have a romantic and ethereal glow. Just using the unflattering ceiling lights of the venue will ruin the atmosphere you are trying to create so it is worth looking into fairy lights, candles and lamps which can provide you with the right aesthetic.

The chairs are another crucial element to your wedding and can quite easily ruin your wedding décor if they aren’t right. If the chairs provided by the venue aren’t quite your taste you can ask to have them removed and instead hire in your own chairs, such as the elegant Chiavari Chairs. If however this is out of your price range you can always look into wedding chair covers to hide the venues chairs under. These can be customised to suit your theme and will provide your wedding with a luxurious and elegant look.

If you are avoiding using the harsh overhead lighting you may want to think about decorating the ceiling. Depending on your weddings theme there are a variety of decorations you can add such as flower arrangements or canopied devised of branches if you are going for a more natural look. Alternatively you could use draped fabric across the ceiling, to which other décor such as chandeliers or lanterns could be added to.

A final aspect of wedding décor that goes completely unnoticed is based on where guests spend the most of the night; the bar! Generally the bar area at your venue can look a bit empty and you may want to consider adding some small décor that will compliment your theme without disturbing the bar staff. Flowers and garlands to match your theme will work nicely but also consider having something a little fun and interesting such as a picture booth or a music box for your guests to enjoy.

Venue Dressing for Winter Weddings

As the song goes, winter ‘is the most wonderful time of the year’ and when you are planning to have a seasonal winter wedding it is even more magical. There is something so breathtakingly enchanting about winter weddings and it is important that you take advantage of every beautiful aesthetic detail possible.

The first thing any bride to be thinks about is her dress and with the winter season comes stunning winter gowns. At this time of year brides tend to choose a pure white dress over off white colours as against the beautiful snowy white backdrop cream and ivory colours tend to look dirty. Often many brides as go with lace embroidered sleeves, embellished with diamonds and glitter to complete their winter look.

Accessories are equally important and you’ll want to wow everyone with something crystal or diamond which will catch the light and make you shine. If you are going to be covered up in the cold winter air you might want to consider a headpiece such as a tiara and bold earrings as these will help to make you stand out in all your wedding photos.

When it comes to dressing your venue, just like your dress you won’t want any off white colours contrasting with you or your winter backdrop so make sure you have all pure white chair covers, table cloths and chiavari chairs. If you hire a bespoke venue dresser you may want to consider indulging in the winter wonderland theme by having glitter, snowflakes and drapes throughout. Your accent colour is equally important and you might want to look at blue icy shades so that you can have beautiful ribbons wrapped around your chairs making everything pop!

Winter flowers are always stunning but using white flowers, perhaps white roses mixed with silver foliage will make them pop. You might want to look at more winter favourites such as winter fir which is always a popular choice to add some structure to your flowers.

All girls know that the bride is only as good as her bridesmaids and with a winter wedding you have the perfect opportunity to have them shining bright and beautiful in winter shades of icy blue, glittering silvers or even your chosen accent colour.

And finally one of the main attractions of the wedding that all your guests will remember; the cake. With winter wedding cakes you have the opportunity to create something so amazing and beautiful. Cakes wrapped in ribbons are always a timeless classic meant to create a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic. However, you might want to consider really implementing your winter wonderland creativity by using glitter, diamanté effects and beautifully made cake toppers. Whatever you can imagine, it can be made!

If you are looking for advice or help to bring your winter wedding to life then contact Creative Cover Hire and see what we can bring to your special day!