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Table Décor Ideas to Impress your Guests

Every detail counts on your big day and table décor is no exception to this rule, if anything it is one of the most integral parts in creating the right atmosphere. Summer weddings have arguably the most choice when it comes to wedding décor; the multitude of colours and floral arrangements available, often the problem becomes what to pick.

It’s often the small details that people remember the most which means you don’t always have to go above and beyond creating large elaborate décor. Simple effects such as personalised table favours or table runners with the happy couple’s initials printed or embroidered on them. This will create a simplistic but elegant feel without having to do too much.

Weddings have traditionally always been white but often it can be difficult to ensure everything is matching; one off white colour against a pure white can look dirty and ruin your entire aesthetic. Instead, why not try a non-white tablecloth such as a deep purple or blue and match some metallic silvers with it. Not only will this give your table décor a modern twist, it also means that any marks or imperfections won’t be seen as easily as on a white cloth.

If however you are a lover of the classic white wedding, why not couple all white table décor with colourful centrepieces in your chosen accent colour. Not only will they catch everyone’s eye but they will accentuate how beautiful and pristine the rest of your white décor is.

When on a budget finding the right flowers can be difficult but one of the perks of having a summer wedding is that so many beautiful flowers are in season which means they aren’t as expensive. If however your budget still can’t stretch to accommodate all the flowers you want, you might want to ask your florist about more natural wild growing summer flowers. These types of flowers can be found anywhere and when properly arranged can give your wedding a more urban and almost fairy-tale like feel.

If you have opted in for an outdoor wedding, why not capitalise of the beautifully natural surroundings and make that your décor. This means your tables only need small centrepieces to draw more attention to the beautiful outdoor scenery. A number of simple and elegant chiavari chairs can really set the scene. As an example you could also use the natural growing flowers found in your outdoor venue to create small floral arrangements.

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