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The basics of what to do and what NOT to do with wedding chair covers

Is the big day fast approaching and every detail is stressing you out? Its these small details that often make a big impact on the big day and one detail in particular that is more important than you might think is chair covers. If you are feeling completely lost then you should consider the following dos and don’ts when choosing!

There are four key points to consider when choosing wedding chair covers. Firstly you must explore the various materials available to you which is relatively simple considering there are two main traditional materials used; Polyester and Lycra. Polyester typically will provide the cover with a classic shape and elegantly simple aesthetic. Alternatively, Lycra being less expensive will take less time to make and will provide more of a contemporary and defined look. The material used can often set the mood in a room and is therefore important to discuss with your venue dresser. Once the material is decided upon you will find yourself having to choose a colour which can be equally as difficult. Traditionally white or ivory tend to be the most popular and preferable colours however depending on your overall colour scheme you may want something different. It is best to speak to your venue dresser to check which colours are available to you. The next step is to look at Sash ties if you wish to have them. Typically the ‘organza’ bow is used on sashes but there is so much choice available as you can alter the colour, design, material and type of bow. You may have to spend some time before you reach you final sash design but it is effectively the centrepiece of the cover and is therefore very important. The last and most important thing to do when it comes to chair covers is use a venue dresser! It’s not worth attempting it yourself when you are already snowed under with wedding plans as one un-ironed cover can ruined the whole aesthetic and nobody wants one mistake to ruin all the work you put in.

Now for the major don’ts when it comes to your chair covers and the three biggest don’ts to start with are aesthetic based. You cannot allow any wrinkles or creases to ruin the aesthetic of your covers. Just like a wedding dress they need to be flawless and just like a wedding dress they need to be professionally steamed. This is why hiring a professional venue dresser is important as they will spend all the time necessary perfecting your chair covers and sashes so you don’t have to. Secondly you cannot under any circumstance allow stains and therefore must have each one checked for any damage. There may be rips or burns on your chair covers and that is not something you would want your guests to be gossiping about on your special day. And finally a huge don’t is mixing and matching your chair covers which includes design. Colours, materials, texture and manufacturer. If any of these details is different in the slightest it can ruin the whole aesthetic.

If you follow these simple steps regarding chair covers you should have the perfect covers for your perfect day!