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How to Dress Chiavari Chairs for your Wedding

Chiavari Chairs were originally designed in Italy by a cabinet maker and have become increasingly popular because of their simple yet beautiful aesthetic. These kind of chairs look perfect in modern, traditional and contemporary wedding venues. With all of their horizontal and vertical lines within the design there are lots of different ways to dress up the chair. You can choose to dress them up or down with fabric, sashes & bows, cushions or anything you can think of. The flexibility gives you the opportunity to create chairs which reflect your wedding and enhance the atmosphere.

You could add a seat cushions to the chiavari chairs or change it if it already has one. Consider the different materials and colours you could use for your cushions. Your guests are going to be sitting on them for the majority of your wedding so you need to make sure they are comfortable. Silk might be too soft and cause your guests to keep falling off and polyester blends might irate their skin so it is important to consider. The colour you use might be too distracting if it does not match the rest of your venue and draw away from your décor. Equally if you have an off white colour and the rest of your venue is pure white it may cause the cushions to look dirty.

Tying a bow around the back of the chair is a classic choice for decorating chairs and is a much cheaper option than renting chair covers. Ribbon often doesn’t cost that much and can be tied or draped around the chair. People tend to use their accent colour for ribbons in either one or more shade. You can also create a chair cover like effect with ribbon by draping a knot of satin fabric around the down the back of the chair.

Fastening flowers or branches to the chair can also create a beautiful effect. Depending on what time of year it is you can match your flowers to the season. Winter Weddings are the perfect time for White Roses, Pussy Willows and Red berries whereas with Summer Weddings you can use bright flowers such as Daisy, Lavender and Dahlias.

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