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Planning a Corporate Event? It Takes More Than the Right Venue

When planning a corporate event, you need to look beyond the location and seating arrangements. So how do you ensure your corporate event is the one your guests will be raving about for months to come?

Ambience with Impact

Once inside your space, your guests should be dazzled by how the room is dressed. Elegance in table dressing can be achieved through beautiful floor-length tablecloths, napkins and beautiful chiavari chairs accentuated by complementary chair sashes and covers. Bespoke ceiling drapes can turn a simple room into a luxurious enclave, adding softness, warmth, and plays of light. The magic resides in the details, so hiring professional venue dressers is vital.

Think of a Theme

The biggest companies are increasingly theming their events and the results can be delightful. Professional venue dressers will turn your thematic ideas into reality, creating a wonderland that wows guests while remaining true to your brand. Creating a multi-sensory, harmonious, branded experience of colour, light, and sound is an exciting way for your message to shine through. Your guests will love every moment.

Create the Perfect Focal Point

A bare stage with a bland projector can ruin the best corporate events, especially when the speeches start. Venue dressers will know how to create a focal point that generates an air of excitement and mystery. The right backdrop of light, colour, and texture will have people glued to the stage, absorbing every word you say and slide you show.

Choose the Right Venue Dresser

The world’s biggest brands don’t just choose anybody to dress their venues. Look online for the venue dressers used by firms such as Virgin and Coca Cola and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Corporate events are your opportunity to shine. Don’t let it go by.