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Ways to save money on your Wedding Venue Dressing

Your wedding day will be one of the happiest and most stressful days of your life. Whilst it’s meant to be all about the ceremony, the real fun begins at the reception. The happy couple can finally relax at this point in their special day but in terms of planning it couldn’t be less stressful. The problem most couples face is sticking to their original budget but luckily, there are a number of inspirational ways to save money whilst still having an elegant and beautiful wedding.

  • The first tip is using white Christmas lights; most people use these types of lights all year round to add a little sparkle to their homes. Equally, these kind of lights can look beautiful as an addition to your reception venue. You can be as creative as you want, hanging them from the ceiling, the doorways, around the tables and even in glass jars.
  • Chair covers provide any reception with a beautiful and elegant look as soon as you walk in but can be extremely expensive depending on how many guests you have. A less costly alternative can be to purchase ribbon in your accent colours and tie them around your chairs. Ribbon is a lot cheaper than chair covers and with provide the room with a beautiful aesthetic.
  • Centrepieces can also be costly to your wedding reception depending on how many tables you have. You might want to consider using feathers to create your own unique centrepieces. They are easy and cheap to buy from any craft store and can be used to create anything you want, from wreaths to using them as foliage in flowers.
  • Food can sometimes be a good way of decorating parts of your venue. Consider jars of sweets and chocolate on your tables as a treat for your guests or to give a festive feel.

Whatever options you choose, Creative Cover can help make the finishing touches to your wedding venue dressing. Call us today on 01772 614461 or use our contact form to discuss plans for your dream wedding.