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Venue Dressing Tips for Large Venues

Once the initial excitement has worn off you can often find yourself feeling daunted by the prospect of dressing such a large venue space. However, there are various tips and tricks that you can utilise to ensure that your event whether it be a wedding, birthday or even work party looks amazing.

Intelligently Dress the Venue

One of the main problems with large venues can be the height and after the initial awe has faded it can appear large and imposing. In this situation you can you use centre pieces to mask the vast space, using tall tables, stylish chiavari chairs and helium filled balloons will easily fill up space whilst maintaining an elegant aesthetic. If however the room is wide, you may want to consider lining the edge of the room with small potted plants and flowers. The floral border will not only frame the room perfectly but will also provide the appearance of the room being smaller.

One of the simpler ways of tackling such a large space could be to divide up your room into sections perhaps using curtains or screens. Drinking, dining and dancing areas can easily be separated in doing so and revealed to guests throughout the event at the appropriate time.

Maintaining a Comfortable Atmosphere

Another aspect you must think about when choosing your venue is the heating, as whilst a large space may seem appealing it may not have a comfortable temperature for your guests. It is therefore important to check beforehand that heating is installed and if not, look into the possibilities of having extra heaters or light fireplaces where possible.

Not only is literal warmth a key aspect of any event but lighting is an important way of creating an atmospheric warmth. Uplighters can create a flood of light onto walls giving the event a beautiful glow. It is important to remember that coloured lighting can also create different moods so make sure you choose which is best suited to the event.