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Wedding Marquees: Post Modern or Poor Decision?

If you are considering an outdoor wedding in either your own garden or the grounds of a venue, Marquees are the perfect solution. However, although in theory they are a great idea there are some things, both good and bad that you may want to consider.

Unlike with some venues, with wedding marquees you are free from any restrictions of existing décor meaning that it is entirely up to you what colours and lighting you want to use. You have a completely blank canvas in which to produce your dream wedding which is one of the main reasons people choose to hire a wedding marquee.

However, the term ‘blank canvas’ means exactly that and whereas with a venue you would have most things included a marquee requires you to provide everything yourself. You might need to hire out facilities such as tables, chairs, tableware, a dance floor, lighting, a power supply, sound systems and perhaps toilets for your guests. Because of this it may be worth looking at cost and working out whether an indoor venue is more cost effective if you are on a budget.

If you have also chosen to host the wedding in your garden instead of hiring out a venues ground, you will undoubtedly save money. You will also find that you will save money on catering too as you won’t have to use the services of a catering company that a venue would provide.

Unfortunately one of the problems you may come across is that marquees aren’t soundproof and that works both ways. Whilst you may be annoyed by any exterior noise of nature of traffic equally weddings tend to be quite loud with so many people and usually a DJ. Because of this you may need to be aware of how the sound may aggravate your neighbours and therefore finish at a reasonable time out of respect.

The time of year is another thing you may want to consider as you can hire marquees all year round but with different seasons comes varying costs. Naturally summer is the most expensive time to hire a marquee because it is ideal weather but the heat may cause you to need air conditioning. Equally winter time, although not a typical marquee season will require you to hire flooring and heating facilities. It is imperative you consider the time of year to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

Finally, one of the most daunting tasks of a wedding; the clean-up. Newly wed couples typically don’t want to be worrying about cleaning up their venue on their wedding night, they want to relax and enjoy their evening. And, if you hire out a venue the staff they will usually take care of this. If however you have decided to use a marquee it becomes your responsibility to handle everything and usually the marquee supplier will be there the next day to dismantle it meaning everything needs to be cleared away.

If you’re looking to hire a marquee or looking for the perfect wedding venue, contact Creative Cover Hire to discuss how to best meet the needs of your big day!